Imagine Dragons-

Absolutely loving the sound of Imagine Dragons.  A friend of mine mentioned on FB that she was loving them.  We used to be in broadcasting together so I know if she says something is good…then it probably is.  Funny thing is…I had heard some of their music before and liked them, but didn’t know the name of the band.  And score one for mom (that’s me gentle reader)…my daughter’s love them too!  So win-win-win for me.  Take a listen:

The beats are totally intense and dirty!  Love it!  The whole album is fantastic…there is not a song that I don’t like on the album.  If I had a record player, I would love to buy this in vinyl and listen to it on there.  I think the listening experience would be killer.  Sigh.  Record players and vinyl…I miss those days!  I mean I know I can purchase a record player/cd/mp3 gizmo but I don’t have that kind of cash to plunk out right now…so it will have to wait.



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