DIY: Phantom of the Opera Themed Tea Party

In April, I was pretty happy to participate in another Tea Party!  This time our theme was “The Phantom’s Masquerade”.  I think our table turned out well.


Here is what we used:

Fine China

Crystal Goblets

Crystal Pitcher

Real Silver Utensils

Real Silver Candelabra

Cloth Napkins

2 Black Satin Table Cloths


Masks (purchased at Hobby Lobby)

Long Stem Red Roses

Lots of Gloves

Vintage Inspired Stationary from

Strings of fake Pearls

Opera Glasses

Old Fashioned Opera Purses

and A Playbill from “Phantom of the Opera” circa 1996.



The only things purchased here were the black tablecloths, the roses, the jellybeans, the masks, the vintage designs and the strings of pearls.  The rest either I owned or borrowed.  See how much fun this can be?  I loved it even though I was at work that morning from 5:30 am to 9:00 am, but so is the life of an On-Air personality.  Hope you enjoy this!



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