Who I Am

I am a. Wife.  Mother.  Friend.  Woman of Christ.

Entrepreneur. Broadcaster. Social Media Marketer. Reviewer of Books.

Lover of Random Things.

Trying to make my way through this crazy thing called life.

I live in NW Minnesota.  I am learning what it means to live in an area where the sun does not always shine.  It’s been a slightly rough transition coming from a state where the sun always shines.  I am learning that the Son, always shines in my heart.

I am an avid reader.  I review books for Bethany House Publishers and I read books just because.  I have a guilty pleasure in Historical Romances.  On my current book list:

…I have 3 books I need to review and I am trying to get to them…

The Screwtape Letters

I have my own recording studio where I produce e-narratives, e-learning, podcasts, commercials, web audio, radio spots and voice over for many different things.  I can also do audio/video sync and optimization.  You can visit that site at www.moregalado.com

I am a writer.  I blog, I review and I dream.  I don’t mind sharing my thoughts and my ugly with you.  Ahhh…gentle reader, isn’t it nice to know that other’s have ugly too?

I am an entrepreneur.  I have several businesses under my belt.  I have already mentioned one…my voice over business.

I am also crazy into Social Media right now as part of my work for an arts non profit and for my radio show.  You can follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/seazmom24 and you can follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/themoshow99.3kkdq

I have been married to the same man for 15 years and we have been with each other for 17.  It has not always been easy.  But life and love…when it’s worth it…are never easy.  Rewarding, yes.  Wonderful, yes.  Amazing, yes.  Easy…get back to me on that one!

We have four strong, passionate, beautiful, special children.  We are homeschooling for the first time this year.  It’s a challenge some days.  My children alternately amaze me and drive me slightly crazy.  I constantly find myself walking a fine line between dictator and teacher, mother and disciplinarian.  I am not my child’s friend.  That will come later.  I am trying to raise them in the light of the Lord.  Because He fulfills.  I want our Lord to be their go-to.  I want Him to be their friend and confidant.  Their answer, their rock in hard times.  I want them to understand that they have a heavenly Father and that He loves all of us.  I want them to know in the marrow of their souls that they are co-heirs with Jesus to a wonderful place called Heaven.  And I want them to know He wants all of us.

I love God.  He loves me.  He made me…Perfectly Imperfect!


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