Ebook Specials from Bethany House | Baker Publishing Group

Bethany House has some great titles available for FREE this month.  And for today only, (07-24-14) you can get Elizabeth Ludwigs Tide and Tempest.  I have enjoyed her other books and I am looking forward to this one!

You have to go to a major retailer, like Amazon, put in the author’s name it the search menu or the book title, and it should be FREE.  You cannot get the books directly from the site.

So, a little work…but a FREE BOOK is a FREE BOOK!

Happy reading!

Ebook Specials from Bethany House | Baker Publishing Group.


Country Music You Should be Listening To!

I am in a great position that I can tell you about some great country music coming out!  I am a country music DJ at 99.3Fm KKDQ in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.  You can visit my facebook page here.  I get to preview all types of new country music and if it makes me jam, then you know I am going to play it.  Being an on-air talent is not as glamorous as you may think…in fact, it’s not glamorous at all for most of us grunts, putting in real.hard.work to make our shows interesting.  Sure, there are those who don’t care anymore…but for those of us who do…we appreciate our listener’s and we always have YOU in mind!  So here you go…in no certain order…

My favorite new songs out there:

Dierks Bentley: Drunk on a Plane


Tim McGraw featuring Faith Hill: Meanwhile Back at Mama’s


The Cadillac Three: The South featuring Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley, Mike Eli


Johnny Orr Band: We’ll get By (The Autism Song)–Personal Note: this song gave me chills for a good reason and if you  know of anyone with an autistic child please share it with them…I shared it with my family and it really helped my sister who has a child in the autism spectrum, and they were going through a particularly bad week…you never know when that little bit will help.


Jake Owen: Beachin


I don’t claim to own any of these songs or their videos, just reposting from youtube…all rights reserved and all that junk.

So why do these songs get me going?  Well…honestly, they all touch me in a way; whether funny, empathetic or just a good rocking song.  I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of The Cadillac Three because they have that authenticity going on…and Florida Georgia Line has paved the way for them.

Book Review: The Last Martin by Jonathan Friesen




I recently met the author of this book, Jonathan Friesen, at a conference in Minneapolis and he graciously gave me this book to read.

I was not sure what to expect…but I loved it!

The Last Martin is a quirky story about a boy named, Martin.  His mother is neurotic in the very best sense and his father is somewhat disengaged.  Martin has a sister named Lani who, as little sister’s go, isn’t so bad.  Let’s throw in a hick Uncle and a very pregnant Aunt and Martin’s life is over before it even started.  How, you ask?  Well finding out that answer makes the story even more fun!  I digress, let me get back to the beginning.

Martin is afraid of just about everything thanks to his Mother being “overly” protective.  Martin is sanitized, steamed and cleaned just about every second of the day.  He cannot get dirty without breaking out in a sweat worrying about germs and microbes.  Sigh.  What a life for a kid, right?

Martin lives in a fantasy world and his main character, the White Knight is a savior.  He battles the Dark Knight and their story starts to parallel what is happening in real life to Martin

What happens next is an interesting mix of friendship, a prune fight, hilarity and of course, the curse.

Martin realizes that with the birth of his new cousin, a boy also to be named Martin, that he will die…because there can only be one Martin in the family.

Martin is now on quest.  Break the curse, get the girl, make some friends and well…live like he is dying.

The only challenges I had with this book was continuity, within the story within the story.  You will get what I mean gentle reader when you get to the end of the book.

I actually laughed reading certain parts of this book, which normally does not happen.  I greatly enjoyed it and I would recommend to anyone…young and old alike.

“Chasing the Sun” by Tracie Peterson

A while ago I was introduced to Bethany House Publishing and their great book review program.  I signed up at www.bethanyhouse.com and so far have not regretted it at all!  I am fairly new to Christian Romance and the book I chose to review was “Chasing the Sun” by Tracie Peterson.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a book from Bethany House Publishing in my mailbox a few weeks after I signed up to review their books.  And even better than that,  I found I really liked Tracie Peterson’s characters.

I am a romance novel buff.  I have been reading them (scandalously!) since I was thirteen years old.  In retrospect, I should not have been reading such adult material at such an early age, and honestly, I would not let my own 12-year-old daughter read such material.  That being said, I would readily agree to let her read “Chasing the Sun” by Tracie Peterson.

We are introduced to the main character, Hannah Dandridgre.  She is a strong woman, full of faith and even stronger convictions.  I like how Peterson quickly gets the reader involved in the struggle Hannah faces with her father missing, taking care of her two younger siblings and the ever-present worry of a Comanche attack, as well as the return of the prior owner of the ranch she lives on.

Hannah is faced with many obstacles throughout the story.  She is a believable character who has plenty of common sense and smarts.  She is brave but not brash.  She is pretty but not ostentatious.

The Texas and Civil War backdrop is ever-present in the story and helps to really bring out the quality of some of the characters.  Hannah’s love interest in the story is William Barnett.  He returns home from the war after losing his father and brother.  His leg is badly damaged and his ranch belongs to another.

There are plenty of twists and turns in this novel which I appreciated.  I like how the author intertwined historical facts and data into the story, making it a richer and more enjoyable experience for me since I like history to factual and pertinent to a story.

I was pleasantly surprised at the references to Christianity and Christ, as well as the Bible passages that were used to reiterate what the main characters were going through.  It helped to make these characters more relatable since we, as humans, often have the same questions, desires and concerns…and how as people of faith are we to deal with them.

All in all, I was very pleased with this book.  Mrs. Peterson definitely has a new fan of her work…so much so that I went to my local library and picked up three more of her books.  I look forward to reading the other two books that will accompany this one in her “Land of the Lone Star” Trilogy”.