Silly CBP, Trix are for kids!

So…in en effort to “Help” Border Patrol Agents deal with the stress of not only their jobs, but also the sequester and AUO cuts, CBP or Customs and Border Protection thought that these would be a “good” idea to show to Agents.

These were posted at stations across the United States.
Who’s crackhead idea was this???  Um…Agents are not going to be obedient.  In fact, that basically goes against everything they have learned out in the field.  You continue to work until you catch your group or you lose the sign.  You continue to push until you cannot anymore…and then you push on through that.  These guys hump (walk/track) for hours, they lay up on spots for hours, they run: through the dead of night into terrain that normal folks would not walk out in the day…they work 10+ hour shifts in the blazing summer heat and the freezing winter cold.  There is NO obedience in that.
I particularly love the suicide one.  That’s fantastic.  Seriously???  Are you kidding me???
After Agents complained about the Orwellian-like signage (1984, anyone?) they were taken down.
I can tell you, the new catch phrase at every station is going to be “Obedience.”  True story.