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Bethany House has some great titles available for FREE this month.  And for today only, (07-24-14) you can get Elizabeth Ludwigs Tide and Tempest.  I have enjoyed her other books and I am looking forward to this one!

You have to go to a major retailer, like Amazon, put in the author’s name it the search menu or the book title, and it should be FREE.  You cannot get the books directly from the site.

So, a little work…but a FREE BOOK is a FREE BOOK!

Happy reading!

Ebook Specials from Bethany House | Baker Publishing Group.


Book Review: A Bride for Keeps by Melissa Jagears

A Bride for Keeps by Melissa Jagears was a sweet story but one that I found a little plodding at times.

Everett Cline has the misfortune of having many would be bride but no actual wife.  Julia Lockwood is running from an unsuitable arrangement back home.  A meaningful friend thinks it would be great if the two of them get hitched…but things don’t always work out the way that they should.

Everett is understandably gun-shy when it comes to women, and pretty women are even scarier than those that are less than attractive and Julia Lockwood is definitely attractive.  Everett feels he doesn’t have much to offer Ms. Lockwood and so he keeps his distance for fear of getting his heart stepped on.  Will he ever be able to find the helpmate, partner and love he so desperately wants?

Julia wants to prove that she can be a helpmate, but as the pampered child of a business man, she knows more about servants serving her than actually serving anyone.  She worries that she will only be considered a pretty face and nothing more.  She wants to be a woman with worth.  Julia also has some deep secrets that she fears have ruined her for life.  Will she ever be able to be to get passed this or will it forever determine her future?

I found the plot plodding only because I felt the author took too long to develop the characters personas.  At times it felt that we were given the same information over and over again about these two characters but then it never really went anywhere.  I think the plot would have moved much more quickly and the relationship would have been better developed if the two characters were more open with one another earlier on.  A greater depth of character would have made this book a lot more interesting.  I was not emotionally involved in these two characters though I did think their story was sweet in a simple way.

The sub plot’s within the story were interesting, especially with Everett and all of his potential brides who no longer belonged to him and how that dynamic played out.  I sort of wished that Julia’s past came up to find her and I felt that was a little unresolved.

All in all, this is a sweet story about two people who are both looking for the same thing; acceptance for who they truly are.

I was sent this book by Bethany House Publishers.  I am under no obligation to review it favorably, but I did since I enjoyed it.