Book Review: Reasons For Belief by Normal L. Geisler and Patty Tunnicliffe

I might have mentioned a book called “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” before and if not, then it is an AMAZING book on apologetics.  So before I digress too much, what is apologetics?  Apologetics is the defense of Christianity.  Its how you can lay out an argument to defend your faith.  “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” does this in spades…but I struggled through it.  It was very hard to read because, honestly, I am not that smart.  And the writing was WAY higher than my poor, child addled brain.  (Seriously, once you have kids…you might as well kiss your ideas of intelligence out the window.  Kids make you stupid.)  The ideas were wonderful, made sense to me and were so spot on, it was fantastic.  Just, I struggled with the academic bent to it.

So, now back to “Reasons for Belief“.  Guess what?  Norman Geisler also helped write “IDHEFTBAA”  This is a great introduction to Apologetics AND it’s like the “Cliff’s notes” version of “IDHEFTBAA“.  Whoopee!!  It was so much easier to read and follow.  Everything made sense (again) and it helped reinforce ideas and cement new ones that might have been lost in the original translation.

“Reasons for Belief” takes you through many different areas which all point to the proof that the Bible is an accurate historical account of Jesus, that Jesus is real, he was resurrected and Christianity is the one true religion of God.  It discusses the 3 different major religions, different thought processes on how life started and much more.  It follows a common sense path with common sense ideas that are fairly easy to understand.  I am a common sense kind of gal, gentle reader and this type of thinking and writing is a no-brainer for me.  And what is unreal, is how mind blowing the information is.

If you have struggled explaining why you believe the way you believe, why you believe Jesus is who he is; then this would be a beneficial read for you.  It helps the non-academics like me really understand historical data and hey, maybe even sound a little smarter than I am!

I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn more about apologetics, delve deeper into their faith or just brush up on ways to have meaningful discussions with persons who do not believe or who want to argue with you why you are wrong in your belief!  (And, none of us has ever had that, right???)

I was sent this book by Bethany House Publishers to read and review.


Spiritual Warfare

I posted recently on Facebook asking for agreement in prayer from my Prayer Warrior friends.  My 10-year-old daughter seems to be suffering from a depression of spirit.  We are constantly building her up, only to have her back slide and fold into herself.  Let me tell you, gentle reader…it is very tiring.

Last night, realization came upon me and my husband.  We are not just dealing with a hormonal child…we are also dealing with a depressive spirit.  By no means do I mean the clinical definition of depression.  I mean there seems to be like an atmospheric depression that follows her around (think Charlie Brown).  Her spirit is literally depressed.  We have seen this in other children and it is my belief that this spirit has attached itself to our daughter.

When I wrote the post on FB I explained that I wanted others to come into agreement (the Lord says whenever two or more come together in His name and in agreement, He will be there) with us that this spirit would leave her alone and by doing so, would bring about peace to our family.  My Prayer Warrior friends are AMAZING!!!!  Right away, they agreed with me…letting me know they were praying for us. 

One person though, who is a social worker…suggested that we go into counseling because depression is a physical issue and while they thought that prayer was “nice” that they believed that counseling and medications would benefit my child more.  :::Slaps self in forehead:::  I should not be surprised, right?  But, oh gentle reader…I am!  He offered best wishes to my family, but no prayer.

How can you explain to someone there is such a thing as “Spiritual Warfare”?  I do not believe he has a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I think he thinks Christians are an oddity, easily analyzed and picked apart because of our faith.  Tsk, tsk, brother. 

I am wondering if I should take this instance and teach him about our Lord and Savior.  My life has been a lot better since accepting God’s love and knowing that Christ fulfilled the Law, so that I may know Grace.  Christ lived the perfect life…and was willing to die for ME!!!!  How crazy, how amazing…how overwhelming!?!?!?!?!  That gift is HUGE!!!!  Thank You and praise You, Jesus!

I digress.  Back to my daughter.  So, last night, I did happen to see a depressive shadow hanging out on the wall where no shadow should have been.  It was there waiting for my daughter as she left my bedroom for the second time complaining of an upset stomach.  I have been praying to the Holy Spirit for the different gifts, and I praise Him that I now know I have been given the gift of discernment.  What a gift to have.  (See: 1 Corinthians 12, 13, 14 for Gifts of the Holy Spirit)  Thank You Holy Spirit and thank You Jesus!  I can now fight this spirit with all the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We will bind the spirit and make it leave my daughter.  She has already been anointed and will be so again tonight.  I am going to go and bless her room in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and continue to do so until I know the spirit is gone.

There is a spiritual realm out there folks.  It can harm you and attack you as you walk in your journey with Christ.  But, rest assured…my God is an AWESOME GOD!  We are children of the Most High God and through Him, ALL things are possible!  This spirit will not get the best of my family…and it will not have my daughter!

Blessings Be, friends!