Review: Judge by RJ Larson

I am a litte late getting this post out since I read Judge by RJ Larson back in November.  It’s been a hectic season, to say the least.

I absolutely loved this book by Ms. Larson.  Judge is the second in her “Prophets of Parne” series following the story of Ela Roeh, Kein Lantec and their adventures in the world in which they live.

We meet up with Kien Lantec at the beginning of this story, which is rather interesting.  Usually, sequels keep with the main character, but Ela seems to take a bit of a back seat to what is going on with Kien and how the Infinite decides to use him.  And use him, He does.  Now, please gentle reader, do not worry…Ela is still a driving force in this book…but her character development is well established, Kien not so much.

Judge is action packed, a bit gorier than the last book and the characters become even more well rounded than before.  It’s nice to pick up a book, find the characters you love and still learn new things about them.  They are not stuck in their proverbial “character” ruts.

The parallels between the prophet stories of the Bible and what happens to our main characters is amazing.  And it makes you think.  I mean, really think.  And after you read what happens to Kien, you will know what I mean.  YUCK!

Both my daughter (she’s 13) and I have fallen in love with these books and we are waiting with bated breath for the third book in this series to come out, called “King”.

Judge is action packed, full of good plot lines and engaging.  I love it when a book makes me THINK!!!  And it is totally amazing to be able to share this with my daughter and we get to discuss this story line, the Bible and how God can use everyday people to bring glory to Him.  But, and even if you have never read the Bible, you can easily fall in love with these characters without drawing any sort of parallel.  I guess what I am trying to say is that YOU DO NOT NEED to be well versed on Bible stories to get into these books. 

Blessed reading, brother’s and sister’s!