Book Review: The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After by Julia Quinn

In Julia Quinn’s The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After is her latest novel about the Bridgertons, the prolific family from eight of her novels.  Starting with:




And there are two other novels involving a character named Mrs. Whistledown… she makes wonderfully acerbic remarks about everyone… but no one knows who she is!

This 2nd Epilogue was designed to put and ending to some of the many questions that many readers had about the lives of their favorite characters.  And Gentle Reader, they are good.  How can you resist such sweet little gems that include trickery, tom-foolery, love, romance, laughter, tears and life?

Kate and Anthony have a 2nd and it is AMAZING.  I love it when I can fall right back into a story as if I have never left.  And it is witty!  Who can resist a game of Pall Mall and the “Mallet of Death”!?

Daphne and Simon are involved in a story that intertwines with Colin and Penelope.  It is both lovely and heart wrenching.  If you are parent, you will know what I mean.

We learn what happens to Ms. Posy Reiling after her defection from her mother, Araminta.

We get to find out what happened between Eloise and Penelope and the HUGE secret between them…this story had my laughing because of one particular scene.

An interesting twist was the first person narration for Eloise’s step daughter and how she falls in love.

Francesca and Michael have a wonderful tale of heartbreak and love.  And it is lovely to see it end so well.  (I mean that in a good way)

Hyacinth and Gareth are amusing as always.  And Isabella is definitely a chip off the old block!

Gregory and Lucy had the MOST heart wrenching 2nd of the series.  It had me in tears.

There were a few surprises and I am still questioning who the man was that Violet (Violet, the mother FINALLY gets a small story…and she is rather fierce throughout the stories, so she definitely deserves to have her own story.) was dancing with.  I would have loved to have seen a story with her…but her love story is sweetly tragic!  We finally learn how she and Edmund met.

I would suggest reading all these stories (Kate and Benedict’s story is my favorite) before you delve into the 2nd Epilogues.

Happy reading, Gentle Reader!

I pulled the book covers off of Julia Quinn’s website.



Book Review: With This Kiss-Part Three by Eloisa James

Oh My!, gentle reader.

The ending of this novella is fabulous.  I absolutely loved it!  There is not much more than I can say, other than…I wished it were a full length novel.

Now, I am going to share with you some fun!

Eloise James has a Facebook page where you can connect with other readers.  The group I joined was specifically for With This Kiss.  And we had so much fun, not only discussing and dissecting this novella, but other Eloisa James books.

The other nice thing about her FB page is that she posted “in-between” the chapters specifically for this novella so we could read what was happening between key characters.  That made it so much more interesting.  AND Eloisa actually pops in and visits, answers questions and gets involved.

HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!  (Insert little girl squeal!)  🙂

I cannot wait to read more stories based on characters from this novella including a much maligned twin sister; a broken-hearted betrothed, and children with wicked senses of humor!  Does that not sound fabulous?

Happy reading, Gentle Reader!

Book Review: With This Kiss Part 2

Yesterday, Eloisa James’ 2nd part of her serial novella, With this Kiss, was released.

Ugh! Super frustrated!  IT WAS TOO SHORT!!!!

Don’t get me wrong gentle reader, it was fantastic!  But, just as I was getting into the reading…it ENDED!!!

In this installment, we meet up again with Collin and find out what has happened to him.  Stupid, noble, man…not to be confused with stupid nobleman.

Grace is being Grace and Lily is being Lily…but wait, is there something else going on…possibly…between Lily and Grace’s betrothed, McIngle???  (This reader really hopes so!)

There’s a carriage ride, a fall from grace…hehehe, such a bad pun…a false marriage and a wounded warrior.

I don’t want to wait until next week to find out what happens next.  Sigh.  Guess I will have to because part 3 doesn’t come out till next Tuesday.  Grrrr…

If you get a chance, Eloisa James has a Facebook group that you can join.  She posted a little side conversation that happens between the serial’s.  Good fodder to keep her readers happy and in a constant state of delirium…waiting for what happens next.

Happy reading, Gentle Reader!

Book Review: With This Kiss: Part One by Eloisa James

I am a HUGE Eloisa James fan.  She is one of my guilty pleasures…a good old fashioned historical romance writer.

With This Kiss: Part One is the story of two children from two previous stories.  Grace is the daughter of the Duke of Ashbourne (The Ugly Duchess).  She is oh so proper, unlike her younger sister, Lily.

Colin is the adopted son of Sir Griffin Barry (Seduced by a Pirate) and has always been amused by Lily.  In fact, he mistakes Grace for Lily…though, let me be clear, there should be no mistake.

Colin gets older and joins the navy.  Grace (and Lily) stay home and grow up.  Grace becomes even more talented at reading people and painting portraits, while Lily becomes a more audacious flirt.

What ensues next is a series of letters, portraits, unrequited love and tragedy.

I actually felt real sorrow when I was reading some of Colin’s innermost thoughts which doesn’t happen often.

This was a short read…and took me no more than 1/2 an hour to read.  It is a serial part of a novella.  Sigh…and it is good.  The next part will be released March 19th, 2013.

YAY!  But I totally hate waiting a week to read more.  I am NOT a patient person! 😉

Happy reading, gentle readers.