Book Review: You Were Born for More by Harry Jackson Jr.

It took  me a while to slog through this book…and not in many way because it was bad, but because I would read and then would have to really think about what Mr. Jackson was asking of me.

You Were Born for More makes you take an in-depth look at your life and ask those hard questions.

I liked the fact that Mr. Jackson breaks things down and goes through them step by step, using Biblical references to help you look at how you can change your life through Divine Grace and providence.  And not by using God, but making those changes in your life that will positively impact all areas of your life.

He does not sugar coat things.  There will always be a bad health report.  The kids may or may not be doing good in school.  The job you were depending on may fall through.  But, as children of God, it is dependent on us, to take these moments and delve into our faith fully, wholly and unrepentantly.  Mr. Jackson recounts his own personal experiences with illness and strife to show how things came out for the better, even when the situation seemed impossible.  It brings to mind something a televangelist has said many times, “In the natural it doesn’t seem like it can happen.  But in the supernatural, God is always working for us, with us and through us to make those things work.”  Of course, I am paraphrasing here, but you get the point, Gentle Reader.

Change is not easy.  It takes a while and it take deliberate actions to do so.  Mr. Jackson gives us a thorough way in which we can do this through the promises God has given us in His word.  As. Mr. Jackson explains, You Were Born for More.

I was sent this book by Chosen Books, a subsidiary of Baker Publishing Group for review.  I am under no obligation to give it a favorable review, but I have because I liked it.

Blessings Be on you today, Gentle Reader.


Going into Business


I’m trying to decide if I should once again go into business for myself.

I have my studio set up.  My sound is good.  My experience is there.

I have resources up the wazoo…but…

It’s the getting started that scares the Bejesus out of me.

What if I fail?  What if it’s a whole lot of money invested…for a whole lot of nothing?

I am confident in my abilities.  I am good with my surroundings.

Sigh.  Making decisions is never easy.  Spending money is never easy.

Plus, this whole sequestration and losing 40% of our pay is starting to wear on me.  Like, really.

Yesterday, I was in a bad mood.  No reason.  Just in a bad mood.  And I could not get out of it.  It really sucked.

Today is a better day…but I am struggling with thoughts of pay and money…and feeling like I HAVE TO GET SOMETHING IN PLACE BEFORE OUR PAY GETS CUT!!!!!

Gentle reader…we are looking at losing over $2000.00 per month.  With reducing some things, I can cut out about $800.00 from our budget.  (Getting rid of Dish Network and getting rid of our savings…sigh.)  But that still leaves us with a $1200.00 short fall.

Sigh.  My husband has worked hard to get where he’s at and works hard everyday.  I know we are blessed with what we have…and I am SOOOOO thankful we can still give where we feel we can!  Praise the Lord for that!

And I am not being facetious, gentle reader.  We will continue to give.  It’s not our money anyway.  It’s His.  We are where we are because of Him.  All the glory and honor go to Him.

So, that being said…to Him I will continue to turn my countenance.  Look for His face in all things.  And once again cling tight to the promise given us in Jeremiah 29:11. (paraphrasing gentle reader)

For I know the plans I have for you, Plans to prosper you and not harm you…

Amen and Amen for those words.

God is Faithful to the Desires of the Heart

I posted recently about being in radio and how to record your voice.  Which got me thinking about how I ended up in radio to begin with.

When I was very young…still a teen to be exact, I wanted to get into voice over work.  I “auditioned” to be a part of this company…only to get suckered into spending $800.00 for their specialty classes.  Snort, snicker.  Yup, I was a buffoon.

Fast forward about 7 years and I hear an ad on the radio that the local station is looking for some help.  I go in, get an interview and the rest is history.

I have mentioned before how good God is. How He does listen to our hearts desire.  I didn’t know it then…but God gave me the opportunity I had always wanted.  He got me into radio.  I don’t think I used that time wisely.  It wasn’t coincidence…He gave me this talent and Loves me.  Oh…I wish I could have seen what I see now!  And he wanted me to do something with it…and I failed him.  I had ample opportunity to be the one to effect change…to be a voice bringing hope and faith, and I chose to be rebellious and unrepentant.  Sigh.

I learned many things about radio, but I did not use my platform well.  I know that now.  I am so blessed that God is giving me another chance.  Thank You Father God for believing in me even when I didn’t know You.  You are so good.

So…what I am saying is this:  If you have a dream in your heart…a God Sized Dream…or maybe A GOD SIZED DREAM…if you are afraid to even voice this dream…God knows your heart.  He knows you.  You are not foreign to Him and He will not forget you.  It may take 7 years or 10 or 40 or even 80 (think about how long Abraham and Sarah had to wait for Isaac)…He will fulfill the desires of your heart.

Psalm 20:4 NIV (This one needs to be highlighted in my Bible.)

“May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

Psalm 37:4 NIV (this one is actually highlighted in my Bible.)

“Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

I just watched and Phil Robertson from Duck Commander.  He spoke on his decision to follow Jesus, how it all started and what he wants for the legacy of Duck Dynasty.  It’s worth the watch…and I want Phil to Preach it!  Preach the word, brother!

As Phil Robertson of Duck Commander said, “We’re all counting time by Jesus.”  Amen, brother.  Amen.

J.U.M.P! Jesus, Use Me Please!

Be careful what you ask for.

Because what I asked for…is what I got and it was a humbling experience to say the least.  But totally in a good way, gentle reader.  In Such.A.Good.Way!

So, there are some issues that I have needed to pray on.  Continually.  And I finally submitted myself to God’s hands and let Him take control.  That decision is one of the hardest to do when you feel the need to be in control for most of the time.  But it was a decision I made.

Then of course, you start second guessing yourself.  Is it really God’s will or your own?  Is it really Him who is leading or are you once again taking charge because you think that is what needs to be done?

As I was praying the shower, because, don’t you know, that’s the only time (usually) that I have to myself…I was thinking on those things.

I was thanking God and our Lord for turning the situation out so well.  For positioning hearts and minds so they would be receptive.  For allowing me the grace and humility to ask for help…and honestly…my sinners heart was complaining.  Sigh.  Yes, complaining.  Because everything had turned out so well.  And I started listening to that little voice, you know, the jealous one that tells you: “You aren’t good enough”, “They didn’t want you anyway”, “They like her more than you”.  And gentle reader, I am thirty-something and those are not the thoughts of a tween or teen.  Those are my thirty-something thoughts still.  Anyway.  I was still wondering if I had to submitted to God’s will.  Did I do what He wanted?  And then it became all so clear.

And He said: “Don’t you know, I didn’t do it for YOU?  I did it for her.”


I have been praying for wisdom and revelation.  And when revelation hits…boy, can it be a doozy.  I knew right then and there that yes, I was humbling myself.  Yes, I was honoring God’s will.  Yes, I did the right thing.  And then and there, I was humbled and convicted that what I had done was right.  And it was the Lord who guided my steps.  And He used me just as I had asked.

So, gentle reader…when you pray J.U.M.P…Jesus, Use Me Please…He just might use you faster than you expected.  And it will probably not be about you at all.

Amen and Amen.

Speak to My Heart

I want to hear God speak to my heart.  I want Him to tell me where I am supposed to go and what I am supposed to do.  Screw free will.  Just tell me so I can follow the path that is pleasing to You, oh Lord.  It’s a bit lazy and self serving…but I get tired of getting it wrong and starting all over again.  I don’t know if you can relate, gentle reader…but this lady would like some reassurance that what she is doing is right.

Isn’t it funny that we go through half our lives pleasing only ourselves and not caring about what other’s think…but when we finally come to the realization…or we just come to the end of ourselves and hit rock bottom…it’s then that we find our true saving Grace…and His name is Jesus.

When I think about the Love God had for me I can become overwhelmed.  My poor fellow church goers probably thought I was having an anxiety attack during Good Friday services because I was so overcome.  I mean, snot flowing, crying-snorting-overcome.  Not pretty to say the least.  It is so extremely gratifying to know that God loved me so much, He sent His son to be Sin, so that I may be forgiven.  Jesus became a sacrifice for you and for me.  His blood was shed so no other sacrifices needed to be made to atone for our sins to God.  Amazing!  What an incredible gift.

Still…I want God to speak to my heart.  Tell me where He wants me to be.  And it is such a selfish want and need.  Tell God the desires of your heart and He will provide.  I know this is true.  I longed to get back into ice skating…and He provided an amazing opportunity for me to be able to get back on the ice, with a new pair of skates no less…and it was marvelous.  I look forward with anticipation to the winter months (even when it’s -9 outside and even colder in the rink) when I can once again glide across the frozen water.  Heaven!

My heart and mind cries out.  How may I serve You, oh Lord?  How can I help bring about Your Glory and Grace.  And I can hear Him…speaking into that still small place in my heart…and He says…Be Still Child, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

So Thank You, Father God.  I know You are my heavenly Father.  You guide my steps and light my path.  You are the author and the finisher.  I will praise You all the days of my life.  Hallelujah and Amen!

Peace be with you, brothers and sisters.  May the light of our Lord and Savior shine upon you today and give you divine inspiration, intervention, inclination…whatever your need may be today.  I pray our Heavenly Father speaks into your heart and lets loose your dream.  I ask for this in Jesus name, Amen.