J.U.M.P! Jesus, Use Me Please!

Be careful what you ask for.

Because what I asked for…is what I got and it was a humbling experience to say the least.  But totally in a good way, gentle reader.  In Such.A.Good.Way!

So, there are some issues that I have needed to pray on.  Continually.  And I finally submitted myself to God’s hands and let Him take control.  That decision is one of the hardest to do when you feel the need to be in control for most of the time.  But it was a decision I made.

Then of course, you start second guessing yourself.  Is it really God’s will or your own?  Is it really Him who is leading or are you once again taking charge because you think that is what needs to be done?

As I was praying the shower, because, don’t you know, that’s the only time (usually) that I have to myself…I was thinking on those things.

I was thanking God and our Lord for turning the situation out so well.  For positioning hearts and minds so they would be receptive.  For allowing me the grace and humility to ask for help…and honestly…my sinners heart was complaining.  Sigh.  Yes, complaining.  Because everything had turned out so well.  And I started listening to that little voice, you know, the jealous one that tells you: “You aren’t good enough”, “They didn’t want you anyway”, “They like her more than you”.  And gentle reader, I am thirty-something and those are not the thoughts of a tween or teen.  Those are my thirty-something thoughts still.  Anyway.  I was still wondering if I had to submitted to God’s will.  Did I do what He wanted?  And then it became all so clear.

And He said: “Don’t you know, I didn’t do it for YOU?  I did it for her.”


I have been praying for wisdom and revelation.  And when revelation hits…boy, can it be a doozy.  I knew right then and there that yes, I was humbling myself.  Yes, I was honoring God’s will.  Yes, I did the right thing.  And then and there, I was humbled and convicted that what I had done was right.  And it was the Lord who guided my steps.  And He used me just as I had asked.

So, gentle reader…when you pray J.U.M.P…Jesus, Use Me Please…He just might use you faster than you expected.  And it will probably not be about you at all.

Amen and Amen.