Book Review: Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade


Note: I don’t own this cover art and am using it for reference purposes only

I was sent this novel by Bethany House Publishers to review…and honestly, I was a little skeptical.  I read another Becky Wade novel (read my review here) and while I liked her plot line and characters, the almost co-dependent nature of the two characters had me a little on edge.

I was pleasantly surprised when I really took to the two main characters of her newest novel, Undeniably Yours.

Meg Cole is a rich girl who doesn’t want the trappings of wealth confining her.  She has been burned in the past because of her wealth and has a few confidence issues.  Her father unexpectedly passes away and she is obligated to run his mega-rich Oil Company and holdings.  Meg is sweet and not extremely business savvy but she is trying to tread water and make her dad proud.  First things first, get rid of all the holdings that were pet projects of her father’s.  The Ax-man…er woman cometh!

Bo Porter is the manager of Whispering Creek Ranch.  It’s a horse ranch that Meg’s dad started to breed Thoroughbreds and race them.  His whole livelihood is wrapped up in the ranch.  He brokers a deal with Meg to get the Ranch self-sufficient within 6 months so she won’t close it down.  A lot of people are depending on him, including his brother Jake.  Both Bo and Jake were in the Marines and both did tours overseas, but Jake is wounded both physically and mentally with the scars to prove it.  What will happen to the ranch workers and his brother if the ranch is closed down?  It’s a heavy weight to bear.

Sparks fly in a good way between Meg and Bo.  She has some mental issues (don’t we all?) namely a severe case of anxiety.  Bo is strong and calm…just what Meg needs.  But they both realize that they cannot have a relationship because there is so much riding on what is going on around them.  Can they make it work?  Will love find a way?  Will past events affect their future?  Well…you will have to read to find out.

I liked the quiet strength of both these characters.  I liked that when things get tough, they don’t rail at God but lean into him as we are commanded to do.  The cast of supporting characters is great and overall, I thought this was a very well written novel.  Character development was fantastic.  Plot line was great.  Everything was excellent.

I am hoping that Becky Wade decides to do follow-up novels of the Porter siblings of Jake, Dru and Ty.  They made such an impact on me as a reader, I would hope that as an author, she would follow-up with them.  Jake…the war veteran who has demons to be cleansed and faith to find.  Dru…the spit fire who is trying to grow up too fast and forgetting where she came from.  And Ty…the pro circuit bull rider…I mean, c’mon you know there’s a story in there!

Ahh, gentle reader, this was a great little get away for me!  Happy Reading!