Ebook Specials from Bethany House | Baker Publishing Group

Bethany House has some great titles available for FREE this month.  And for today only, (07-24-14) you can get Elizabeth Ludwigs Tide and Tempest.  I have enjoyed her other books and I am looking forward to this one!

You have to go to a major retailer, like Amazon, put in the author’s name it the search menu or the book title, and it should be FREE.  You cannot get the books directly from the site.

So, a little work…but a FREE BOOK is a FREE BOOK!

Happy reading!

Ebook Specials from Bethany House | Baker Publishing Group.

DIY: Phantom of the Opera Themed Tea Party

In April, I was pretty happy to participate in another Tea Party!  This time our theme was “The Phantom’s Masquerade”.  I think our table turned out well.


Here is what we used:

Fine China

Crystal Goblets

Crystal Pitcher

Real Silver Utensils

Real Silver Candelabra

Cloth Napkins

2 Black Satin Table Cloths


Masks (purchased at Hobby Lobby)

Long Stem Red Roses

Lots of Gloves

Vintage Inspired Stationary from www.vectoriadesigns.com

Strings of fake Pearls

Opera Glasses

Old Fashioned Opera Purses

and A Playbill from “Phantom of the Opera” circa 1996.



The only things purchased here were the black tablecloths, the roses, the jellybeans, the masks, the vintage designs and the strings of pearls.  The rest either I owned or borrowed.  See how much fun this can be?  I loved it even though I was at work that morning from 5:30 am to 9:00 am, but so is the life of an On-Air personality.  Hope you enjoy this!


Country Music You Should be Listening To!

I am in a great position that I can tell you about some great country music coming out!  I am a country music DJ at 99.3Fm KKDQ in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.  You can visit my facebook page here.  I get to preview all types of new country music and if it makes me jam, then you know I am going to play it.  Being an on-air talent is not as glamorous as you may think…in fact, it’s not glamorous at all for most of us grunts, putting in real.hard.work to make our shows interesting.  Sure, there are those who don’t care anymore…but for those of us who do…we appreciate our listener’s and we always have YOU in mind!  So here you go…in no certain order…

My favorite new songs out there:

Dierks Bentley: Drunk on a Plane


Tim McGraw featuring Faith Hill: Meanwhile Back at Mama’s


The Cadillac Three: The South featuring Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley, Mike Eli


Johnny Orr Band: We’ll get By (The Autism Song)–Personal Note: this song gave me chills for a good reason and if you  know of anyone with an autistic child please share it with them…I shared it with my family and it really helped my sister who has a child in the autism spectrum, and they were going through a particularly bad week…you never know when that little bit will help.


Jake Owen: Beachin


I don’t claim to own any of these songs or their videos, just reposting from youtube…all rights reserved and all that junk.

So why do these songs get me going?  Well…honestly, they all touch me in a way; whether funny, empathetic or just a good rocking song.  I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of The Cadillac Three because they have that authenticity going on…and Florida Georgia Line has paved the way for them.

Get An Expert Opinion on Malaysia Airlines 370

As usual, Oma’s take on this is SPOT on!


As an expert, I approve of this pilot’s take off technique. (image by air icarus CC by SA 2.0)

The other day, a friend pointed out how foolish the 24 hour news networks look trotting out “experts” to give their opinions on the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. I agree. As far as I can tell, the only thing sketchier than the theories that are being tossed around are the qualifications of those deemed experts.

I know you’re all hungry for information about where flight 370 is, but you don’t have access to an expert. I’m here for you.

Yes, it’s true. Starting now, I will be giving my expert answers all your questions concerning the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. Any questions about Malaysia 370, aviation, air traffic control or my qualifications and experience in the field are fair game.

Ask your questions in the comment section below.


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My New Favorite

I was super excited that Garth Brooks made his announcement that he would be touring once again.  Even better than that?  He and Ms. Trisha Yearwood would be touring together.  This fan girl is totally geeking out!  I really hope they come somewhere near me!  I really do!  I don’t care how much tickets are, I will go! 😉  (Okay…if they cost way too much I am too much of a stingy person to allow myself that kind of frivolity…I just am.  Sigh.  I suck!)

Garth’s comeback concert will actually take place in Ireland, where he will be playing Croke Park, a place he visited and entertained like 150,000 folks in 1997 over 2 days.  He said he would love to come back once Croke Park Stadium was finished.  It has now been like 10 years since Garth performed in a stadium like that…on his own.  He has performed other places, namely his one man show in Vegas at the Wynn.  But I digress, Croke Park is now complete and he will be entertaining about 400, 000 folks when his concert tour kicks off in July.  5 days…80,000 people.  And all the tickets sold out in less than 2 hours.

The reason I am so excited about Garth’s comeback is that he is a true showman.  His voice might not always be on par…but damn, you get a good show.

I love this song…and I love even more that’s based on a true story. Who hasn’t been through this with a love? I know I have…And I love that Garth is so in love with Ms. Trisha. Listen to the end…he’s almost crying at the end. Chills every single time. I am going to play the hell out of this song every time I’m on air. You can listen to me online at TRFradio.com or use the free TuneIn App for your phone. 99.3 KKDQ Thief River Falls, Mn.  I’m on from noon to 3pm, Mondays and Tuesdays and most Saturday mornings from 6-9a.

Border Patrol Union says Pay Reform is key – Imperial Valley Press Online: Local News

Reblogging this from Imperial Valley News Press:

Border Patrol union says pay reform is key – Imperial Valley Press Online: Local News.

My family has officially lost 25% of our salary.  And while I understand that has never been a guarantee (though he has had it for the last 19 years)…my husband’s job requires call out time.  How is he supposed to go on call outs if he cannot claim AUO?  The whole system is jacked up right.